Megan is a performer, experimental choreographer and movement educator. Her movement lineage is comprised of an eclectic mix of contemporary dance techniques, gymnastics, colorguard, contact improvisation, as well as somatic and releasing techniques. In her choreographic, educational and administrative work, she prioritizes welcoming people and children of all income, experience and ability levels, ages, heritages, and walks of life into the dance world.

Megan’s choreography highlights non-linear spontaneous composition, site-responsivity, performer wellbeing, and direct interaction between audiences and performers. She has presented work in Kampala, Uganda; Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso; Belfast, Northern Ireland; and in festivals across the US. She has performed in works by David Dorfman, Bebe Miller, Amii LeGendre, Michael Foley (with permission by Mary Williford-Shade), Larry Keigwin, Christie Bondade, Jordan Fuchs, Sandy Mathern-Smith and Sarah Gamblin.

Her performance of Narcissus’ Pomegranate, choreographed by Ms. Bondade, was described by Tulsa critic Alicia Chesser as “a masterful study of one creature’s delight in itself, full of languid, lingering moments and delicious, Pan-like play. The most careful placement of one part, then another, with fingers unfolding like a flower, suddenly turns into a febrile collapse, a dark wandering, a question with no answer.”

Megan has taught in a range of settings including online dance theory courses, non-profit dance studios, public and private school residencies, private lessons, dance festivals, intensives and collegiate programs for the last sixteen years. For a list of awards and residencies, please visit the Teaching page.

To view Megan’s curriculum vitae, please click here.

Megan holds an MFA in Dance from Texas Woman’s University and resides in Durham, North Carolina with her partner-in-crime and musician/sound engineer, John Osburn.