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TBA: New adult and kid’s dance classes in 2020!

Community Moves: Basic

@ ADF Scripps Studios

Community Moves: Basic is an intersectional, intergenerational modern dance class designed to unite people of all experiences levels through movement (including beginners!). Students can expect exercises to be taught at a gradual, gentle pace that focuses on developmental movement patterning, balance, breathing, and simple choreography. Megan offers exercises in such a way that empowers students to individually modify movements for more or less challenge. Students are encouraged to interact, help each other create mini-dances, and celebrate their unique and shared movement experiences throughout class. In addition to focusing on precision, the class is intended to embolden new movers and provide a gentle weekly practice for more experienced movers at the same time.

Starting  again September 2019

Tuesdays 5:30-6:45 (all experience levels welcome)