current classes

Int/Adv Contemporary Studio Practice (Adult)

Registration and more info available @ ADF Scripps Studios!

Tuesdays 7:00-8:30

2020 classes run January 7 through the end of February (8-week series)

Join Megan for a studio practice that explores and refines releasing techniques, improvisation, sequentiality, spirals, momentum, as well as off-center and upside-down play. Class begins on the floor, progresses through developmental movement patterns, then gradually rises to dynamic center and traveling phrases. Material is approached in a manner that douses competitiveness in favor of encouraging curiosity and knowledge-sharing among a supportive community of intermediate/advanced movers.

Community Moves: Basic (Adult)

Registration and more info available @ ADF Scripps Studios!

Tuesdays 5:30-6:45 (all experience levels welcome)

2020 classes run January 10 through the end of February

Community Moves: Basic is an intersectional, intergenerational modern dance class designed to unite people of all experiences levels through movement (including beginners!). Students can expect exercises to be taught at a gradual, gentle pace that focuses on developmental movement patterning, balance, breathing, and simple choreography. Megan offers exercises in such a way that empowers students to individually modify movements for more or less challenge. Students are encouraged to interact, help each other create mini-dances, and celebrate their unique and shared movement experiences throughout class. In addition to focusing on precision, the class is intended to embolden new movers and provide a gentle weekly practice for more experienced movers at the same time.

Discovering Dance (4-5 yo) and Creative Dance (5-6 yo)

Registration and more info available @ ADF Scripps Studios!

Wednesdays 4:30-5:15 and 5:30-6:15

2020 spring classes run January 7 through May 14

Discovering Dance Description: This class combines learning the basic elements of dance with artistic expression. The children dance fast and slow, sharp and smooth, and learn traveling movements as well as movements that stay in one place.  They are introduced to the world of dance, increasing movement skills and self-expression by themselves and in small groups. It’s fun for all as they speak creatively through their dancing muscles!

Creative Dance Description: This class will nurture your young dancer’s social skills and ability to move safely, both of which are helpful for future dance classes in any genre. Each class includes: warm-ups based on universal developmental movement patterns, activities that familiarize them with safe rolling, jumping and falling, as well as games and exercises that nurture sharing and teamwork skills. The class only has three rules: be safe, be kind and have fun!