nepantla (2020)

The $200 Artist Commissioning Fee for this project was donated to SiembraNC.

nepantla is the title for a short dance film commissioned by the American Dance Festival/The Forest at Duke and created by Megan Yankee and John Osburn. nepantla was produced in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, and SiembraNC, who helps support the North Carolina immigrant community as they navigate ICE custody, screenings, and release. The black and latinx communities in the US face two complex manifestations of the same problem: institutionalized over-policing. nepantla is my first step in helping these communities find greater solidarity.

To echo the BLM movement, I urge you to say out-loud the names written into this film: Carlos Ernesto Escobar Mejia and Santiago Baten-Oxlaj. Theirs are the first two documented cases of immigrants dying in ICE custody of covid-19.


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