small moves in tiny spaces is a video quarantine-sensitive, video-based movement class series. it is designed to teach quarantined people how to develop breath, body, and movement awareness. exercises and classes range in difficulty level (very beginner through advanced) and are taught in a 5′ x 5′ space to original music.

small moves in tiny spaces works best for you when you have enough space! if you find it helpful, consider marking your height squared out on the floor. this is now the space dedicated to your body. try your best to keep it free of clutter. 🙂

i envision small moves in tiny spaces to be an expression of bodily freedom and autonomy. as a caretaker of someone who is vulnerable to covid-19, i am especially driven to teach others how to create abundant, fulfilling solo movement practices at home.

small moves in tiny spaces is available for free. if you wish to show your appreciation financially, here’s what everything is worth:

Exercise per view: $5

Exercise download: $15

Class per view: $15

Class download: $120