Experience and Background

Degrees earned:

B.A. in Dance Studies, Texas Woman’s University

M.F.A. in Dance with focus in Dance Pedagogy, Texas Woman’s University


These degree programs and additional professional development have provided Megan with specialized movement training in contemporary release-based techniques, contact improvisation, spontaneous composition, and safe movement patterning (from a variety of somatic movement techniques), as well as auxiliary training in West African forms, raqs al sharki (traditional belly dance), ballet, and dance pedagogy for online and in-person formats.

Her graduate research focused on dance pedagogy, including online dance theory curriculum development and in-studio dance techniques for a variety of  experience levels. Her artistic research fused theater- and movement-inspired group improvisation methods with audience engagement research and culminated in her professional paper titled, “Strategies for Welcoming Non-Dancer Audiences into Concert Performance.”

Previous teaching appointments include positions working with students of all ages and experience levels at the following institutions:

Dance Revolution East Africa (Kampala, Uganda)

Columbia College/Carolina Dance Improvisation Festival (SC)

Dance Exchange (Washington, DC)

The American Dance Festival’s Scripps Studios (NC)

9th Street Dance (NC)

Living Arts Collective (NC)

Factory Street Studio (OH)

Paper Circle (OH)

MamLuft&Co (OH)

Ohio University

Ohio Wesleyan University

Denison University

Ohio5 Dance Festival

OhioDance Festival

BalletMet (OH)

University of North Texas

Texas Woman’s University (Award for Excellence in Teaching)

Texas Dance Improvisation Festival

Santa Teresa High School (Award for Outstanding Leadership in Education, CA)

Live Oak High School (CA)

Flower Mound High School (TX)

Hebron High School (TX)

Wakeland High School (TX)

Lake Highlands High School (TX)

Additional training:

Introductory Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy (Ruella Frank)

Stewards of Children: Learning how to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse (Darkness2Light)

Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (Online Curriculum Development)

Sample Movement Classes



Community Moves: Basic is an intersectional, intergenerational modern dance class designed to unite people of all experiences levels through movement (including beginners!) Students can expect exercises to be taught at a gradual, gentle pace that focus on developmental movement patterning, balance, breathing, and simple choreography. Megan offers exercises in such a way that empowers students to individually modify movements for more or less challenge. Students are encouraged to interact, help each other create mini-dances, and celebrate their unique and shared movement experiences throughout class. In addition to focusing on precision, the class is intended to embolden new movers and provide a gentle weekly practice for more experienced movers at the same time.


This class is inspired by Megan’s experience with group dynamics within improvisational contexts. Students will be guided through group explorations that help them to source each other, the space around them, imagery, text, and sound to create dances in-the-moment. By the end of class, students create their own improvisational plans or “scores” to be presented to the rest of the class.


This class sources material from Megan’s body of knowledge with releasing and somatic techniques as well as contact improvisation. It combines solo phrases and partnering to help students deepen their ability to utilize both simultaneously. Solo movement material incorporates center and traveling floorwork, inversions and off-balance play, and is grounded in developmental movement patterns. Partnering material will include tactile feedback, light weight-sharing, and improvised explorations. In combination, these exercises are intended to help deepen dancers’ relationship to gravity and weight in order to encourage more efficient movement patterns.

Sample Children’s Movement Class



This class will nurture children’s social skills and ability to move safely, both of which are helpful for future dance classes in any genre. Each class includes: warmups based on universal developmental movement patterns, activities that familiarize them with safe rolling, jumping and falling, and the development of a student-generated final dance inspired by Edward Lear’s poem, Nonsense Alphabet. The class only has three rules: be safe, be kind and have fun!